DMG becomes EMHA

As of September 1, 2022, DMG NL is part of EMHA BV. This company takeover does not entail any noticeable changes for you as a customer or relation. We remain the trusted address for on-site machining and guarantee the service you have come to expect from us.

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Reduce costs, reduce maintenance time and improve productivity.

A construction can be of such a dimension and/or weight it is impossible if not very costly to have it machined in a workshop. These constructions include bridges, lock gates, (Pedestal) cranes, offshore constructions, vessels, etc. Parts of these constructions such as guide rails, gear boxes, pivots, surfaces, wind turbine foundations, stern gears, keyways, etc. need to be machined on-site.  Performing the machining work on site provides a very effective means of repair saving otherwise lengthy downtime to essential revenue savings.
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Who are we?

Time is of the essence. Whether it is to finish your current project as soon as possible or to start sooner with the next one. Therefore, we understand that maintenance time and downtime needs to be as short as possible. Our solution? On-site machining!

The company was founded in 1999 as a business specialized in on site machining starting with portable machines for line boring and milling. Due to market demand, both national and international, it was soon realized that the company needed to expand. 

Today, with a diverse range of portable machines and machining techniques, together with a dedicated team of technicians and skilled craftsman, our service offering is unrivalled in our specialist field. We have an extensive range of equipment meaning we can mobilize quickly as well as achieving greater accuracy on-site to get the job done right the first time, regardless of the unknown.

Our services

A range of services offered by DMG for on site, on board precision machining include but not limited to boring, milling, flange facing, cutting keyways, drilling, tapping, and machining the outer diameter of a shaft. We can modify our machines to suit almost any location, tolerance, or surface, to cover any of your requirements. DMG are serving a wide range of industries around the world on a 24 hours, 7 days a week working program when required by our customers.
Herbert Grootbod
Asset Upgrades

'Flexible, accurate and innovative to get the job done.'

This is how I have experienced our cooperation with the team of Dutch Machining Group. We have executed multiple challenging projects with them on a vessel conversion from machining a tower hinge points to crane pedestals and 25 meter long crane tracks. Within all these projects they have assisted us in finding the right solution and executed it using honest specifications, budgets and durations. I would recommend Dutch Machining Group anytime.

Simon van Nieuwenhuijzen
Technical Manager

'Honest, thinks in terms of solutions, indispensable in complex operations.'

'My experience with Dutch Machining Group is great. No challenge is too big, and they want to think along with every problem. With the sometimes complicated problems we encounter, we can always rely on Dutch Machining Group. They listen and think along with us.

Carl Reijs
Global Technical Expert Propulsion

Always comes with a solution and trustfull during their support.

Working with Dutch Machining Group and their team is always a pleasure, honest, high quality and on time. Very important you can rely on a team of craftsman.

Mick Edses
Installation & Commissioning Lead

For the unique and industry changing equipment we build at Allseas, we need contractors that have a similar mindset - to create the impossible. 

On the installation of both Pioneering Spirit's Jacket lift system and Topsides lift system, Dutch Machining Group has assisted us with practical advice in the design phase & solutions for challenges encountered in the execution phase. If the workscope changes, they change along. If the planning changes, they change along. But I never saw a change in dedication and accuracy on the final result!

Why work with us?


We are independent from any brand, so we maintain all.


Our engineers operate next (instead of opposite) to you.


We have a reliable network and close contacts with (international) manufacturers.


We have specialized knowledge for inspection, maintenance and machining of your installations, machines and fleet.


Thanks to short lines, little overhead, fast service and a central location, we can act quickly.


Our teams works seamlessly together with your teams on location.

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We understand that your current supplier does their utmost to offer you the best quality of service. But what if we told you that in most cases we are faster and that we have really high quality standards?

Request a free consult with one of our technical specialists to see what we can do for you.

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